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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Welcome to Peace of Mind Projects

To eradicate extreme poverty through student-led sustainable development projects. These projects will give “at-risk” youth in the United States a chance to develop self-awareness and a sense of accomplishment while providing viable and creative initiatives for impoverished communities abroad.

Within our lifetime, we hope people will no longer need to unwillingly leave their native country to gain access to basic human necessaries. Our vision is to make a lasting impact in the elimination of extreme poverty and its violent consequence.

Goal/ Objectives
● Sustainable Development
Peace of Mind Projects strives to create sustainable development solutions for international communities. With the use of local natural resources, the organization aims to build strong foundations for community growth. Each community will receive the materials, workshop training, and developmental skills to build and sustain a healthy and living environment. Our aim is to provide communities with the knowledge on how to maximize the efficient use of natural resources while minimizing the negative impact on the environment. This training is essential in making lasting impact in the elimination of extreme poverty and its violent consequence.
● Academics
Descript the academic program structure
● Mentoring
At-risk youth from domestic communities in inner-city areas will participate in a year-long project in order to increase academic performance and self-awareness. We realized that most of us, in the U.S., do not understand what it means to be really impoverished. We believe, if young people in the U.S. saw what we’ve seen in developing countries, they would comprehend the resources they have access to in America and maybe more inclined to look at their lives, and their ability to create change, more positively. Through our tutoring and mentoring program, students are able to regain interest in their academics. After successfully completing the program, students will have the opportunity to work on sustainable projects abroad and help spread awareness concerning issue of extreme poverty. We seek to provide tutoring and life skills coaching to high school students living in high-risk communities along with the opportunity to connect to and serve people in other parts of the world through summer sustainable development projects in developing countries. Moreover, the emphasis on education and improvement is meant to instill these values in inner-city youth and encourage them to use these values in their own communities.

Peace of Mind Projects, aimed at eliminating extreme poverty around the world. This organization researches and implements creative sustainable development solutions for communities in impoverish conditions. The organization provides youths living in “at-risk” communities within the United States the opportunity to work on sustainable projects in foreign countries. We seek to instill a sense of accomplishment and self-awareness in young people in the United States while providing viable and creative initiatives for impoverished communities abroad. The premise of this organization is that extreme poverty can lead to violent consequences that may reach far beyond the afflicted region and it is the responsibility of current and future generations to help make a difference.